Lync 'din – Get it??? Hosted Lync vs Hosted PBX

Lync ‘din – Get it??? Hosted PBX

What a brilliant title! Proud of that! Anyway…The reason for this quick post (weather is way too nice to be sat doing this!) is simply to give you a real life example of how our hosted Lync solution has helped 2 of our new customers (Global commodities trader with 2000 staff and European Legal firm with 400) this week. Both of the new customers had been looking into Hosted PBX technology due to the number of users and location of the users. Nothing wrong with that but its so last year!

Now, with other Hosted Lync solutions you can have voice calls however would be limited to voice with people who also had Lync. This is the game changer…..With our Hosted Lync solution they can break out onto the PSTN network therefore it can replace your PBX. Goodbye PBX. hello Lync. So CAPEX was low but features were high.

Plus they didn’t just get voice, They got IM, presence, video calling, conferencing from your desktop, doc sharing plus much more. A very important point to note was that both customers had employees working in other parts of the world on multiple devices and working in very different ways but still needed to be connected to the office and colleagues. That’s where a Hosted Lync solution versus Hosted PBX came into its own. Employees had Lync on their Smart phones so are constantly connected plus their colleagues, who are office based could instantly see the presence of the other employee such as busy, offline, on mobile, in meeting etc.

So you see Hosted PBX = Old School and just voice
However Lync = Spanking new amazing ways to communicate with colleagues

The point I’m trying to make is that these 2 customers from very different industries are now…Lync ‘din. Their staff are Lync ‘din together which in turn creates more flexibility for workers, increase in productivity and a greater connected workforce.

Factor 5 I think for the sun this early evening…GAME OVER (said in a robotic voice)

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