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Access everything you need, from wherever you are, from any device with an internet connection. Choose from a Citrix or RDP connection.

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Online Backup

Enterprise grade Online Backup providing 365 day retention and 2048 bit encryption. Secure, reliable with full UK support.

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Hosted Exchange

UK hosted Email, contacts and calendars.UK supported and triple Hosted in 3 UK ISO 27001 datacentres, fully backed up and secure.

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We ensure that your data is protected to the highest level inall 3 of the UK Datacentres used. All the hardware used is best of breed plus we use SSL encryption for all data transmission. This is the same used for secure payments and online banking plus all our services are securely hosted across 3 UK ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified datacentre’s. Barracuda provides the anti-spam/virus software plus we use only enterprise grade firewalls on the network. If you have any questions surrounding the security of our network please contact us to discuss this further.

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Our clients often find that our virtual environment is faster than their old network due to us using the best of breed high performance enterprise grade hardware. Our services do not require processing or data to be transmitted over the Internet and the data remains on our servers in the UK only data centres. All that travels over the Internet are simple key strokes, screen scrapes and mouse movements. Due to this we find that the internet connectivity required per client is less than first thought. We find that a 1Mbps connection per 5-10 users will offer a business grade speed and performance.

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We offer an uptime of 99.9% uptime availability. In the event of hardware fails, your business will continue to run with no noticeable downtime. This is completed by balancing your hosted services across multiple servers and multiple locations. In the event the hardware fails on one server, users would automatically shift across to the next available server.

Our Virtual Farms are built with high-availability resilience by ensuring the whole system is built on a best practice methodology. Every piece of hardware has multiple fail-over equivalents and multiple server equivalents. To further build on our Disaster Recovery we have a further 2 Datacentres with mirrored VM farms. We also have 10GB fibre direct links between each Datacentre so in the event of a major catastrophe, we could migrate you across to the next high availability datacentres easily with no data loss.

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Our Cloud services are built in from the ground up per client. Clients benefit from this as the services are tailor made for them. This provides you with the ability to select which services or features individual users require.

Benefits of this mean you don’t have to take a one size fits all service and can tailor make each package per person if needed. Users and applications can be added or removed with 24 hour’s notice providing you with a truly scalable Hosted environment.

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We provide unlimited technical support plus all our support staff are UK based and fully accredited with both Microsoft and Citrix qualifications. The support desk provides 24 hour telephone and email support seven days a week 365 days a year. If you have a question, we can answer it.

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Backup & Replication

Your Virtual server environment is snapshotted across all 3 data centres with milliseconds delay behind the primary. In the event of a critical fail, you automatically be shifted to the next high availability datacentres. The idea behind this is complete business continuity. We keep the last 30 days backups for peace of mind.

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Andy Calvert

“We migrated our company, which is spread over 5 continents. Green Cloud helped us with an almost effortless migration. Their continued support is excellent”

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Mark Stock

“Green Cloud delivered exactly what they promised with excellent back up. 25 satisfied users can’t be wrong!! I would recommend them anyday!”

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Caroline Daniels

“We have been using Green Cloud Hosting for several months and have found their service to be extremely reliable and well supported. We would definitely recommend Green Cloud Hosting to others”

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