Hosted Desktop

Do I have to pay setup/migration costs?

No, migration assistance is free. Set up is completely free. There is nothing else to pay apart from the monthly user fee – there are no hidden charges, no matter how complex your set up.

How secure is the service?

A hosted desktop is actually more secure than a traditional desktop. The data is stored and processed on secure servers in data centres, which are protected by staff and security. In order to access your data, you will need to enter a username and password. Once you are connected, everything you do is encrypted. Also, you cannot accidentally erase or corrupt data as it is regularly backed up.

How big is the company and how many customers do we have?

We’ve got the experience, that’s for sure. With over 500 migrations under our belt and across well over 2000 users, we are more than experienced in all types of complicated migrations with hassle-free transitions.

Which software can you host?

You can be sure we can cover any application you require hosting. From the most niche of applications to more standard application hosting (Microsoft Office 2013 Standard or Pro for example). Please call us for a list of all our applications.

Will my data be backed up?

Your Virtual server environment is snapshotted across all 3 data centres with milliseconds delay behind the primary. In the event of a critical fail, you automatically be shifted to the next high availability data centres. The idea behind this is complete business continuity. We keep the last 30 days backups for peace of mind.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

Before you make the switch to a hosted desktop, it is important that you make sure your existing Internet connection is both reliable and secure. As a precautionary measure, to ensure that you stay connected if there is a connection failure, it is advisable to set up a second backup Internet connection. It is also worth investing in a dongle so that you are covered when working away from the office.

If you do get disconnected, anything you were working on up to that point will not be affected. As the data is stored in an external server, it will remain intact. Once you regain your connection, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

How do I set it up?

We’ll sort all of this for you! Migration assistance is free. Set up is completely free. There is nothing else to pay apart from the monthly user fee – there are no hidden charges, no matter how complex your set up.

Hosted Exchange

Where are my emails stored?

All of you emails and confidential information are hosted in secure data centres. Your data will be maintained, monitored and archived by dedicated providers.

How secure are my emails?

Before you move to a hosted exchange, check that your provider supplies standard antivirus and spam filters to protect your data against viruses, worms, and unwanted spam. Your provider should scan all inbound and outbound messages for viruses. Data centres are secure areas, manned by both staff and security. They have pre-existing backup and disaster recovery solutions in places in order to protect your data.

Who can see my data?

Hosted exchange services provide you with the assurance that you have control over the privacy of your data. Nobody has access to your information apart from you. Your data will be protected through encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection.

Are my emails archived?

As with other data that is stored in data centres, the emails connected to a hosted exchange are regularly backed up. This means that if you were to accidentally delete or loose an email, your provider will be able to use search tools in order to locate and restore the email. By using a hosted exchange, your sent and received emails will be protected.

Can I sync my emails with my mobile device?

As well as synchronising your business email, contacts, calendars, and tasks to your PC, a hosted exchange can synch to mobile and wireless devices. Hosted exchange services can keep devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones updated so that you have up-to-date access of your emails. Hosted exchange can give you the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime. It also provides you with the confidence that you are able to communicate securely and efficiently.

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