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Keep everything running smoothly with effective AWS management

Want to get the most out of your Amazon Web Services? Green Cloud offers AWS managed services that can do exactly that. With our expert know-how and specialist experience, we can optimise your cloud computing operations, with full AWS support every step of the way.

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Do you need managed AWS services at Green Cloud Hosting?

Do you need AWS management?

Amazon Web Services is the number one choice for many businesses, but that doesn’t mean it’s all simple and straightforward.

Businesses that go it alone soon discover hurdles and hinderances along the way, which stop them making the most of their cloud migration.

The solution? Get an AWS partner with experience in optimising and monitoring AWS services.

What Are AWS Managed Services?

At Green Cloud, our clients benefit from a wide range of AWS managed services. This adds significant value to their IT resources and boosts their business in a number of ways:



We constantly monitor your AWS services, with alerts and troubleshooting should anything crop up. Yes, instead of causing hours of panic and productivity-loss, problems are dealt with quickly and effectively.


Our dedicated AWS support team can review your cloud infrastructure and recommend changes to your usage that will optimise your costs, saving you plenty in the long run.


We only monitor and manage what you need. That means your cost stays relative to your needs as you grow. With no crippling fees, there’s nothing to hold your business back.


Leaving AWS management to the experts gives your business better focus on what you do best. Zero hassle.

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AWS account setup and management

Optimisation Across the Board

With so many different elements to Amazon Web Services, it’s almost impossible to manage for regular businesses. Don’t worry. We can step in with AWS cloud management for any and every step of the process:


AWS account setup and management

Managed AWS migration

Architecture automation

AWS DevOps at Green Cloud Hosting

Deployment automation

Configuration management

Launch assistance

Managed AWS migration

Architecture automation

Deployment automation

Configuration management

Launch assistance

AWS DevOps at Green Cloud Hosting
Green Cloud Hosting Powerful Amazon Web Services

Choosing the best for your business

It’s clear that AWS cloud management is the way forward for so many businesses. But why should your business choose Green Cloud? Quite simply, we go above and beyond to ensure your AWS infrastructure is managed effectively and completely optimised. With us, your business gets the absolute best out of AWS:

24/7 Support

Any queries along the way? Our UK experts are on hand around the clock to assist you

Complete security

You’re also joining an extensive network of prestigious clients, including the National Health Service (NHS) and Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO)

Work with the best

With us, you have award-winners on your side. We were names Greater Manchester Business of the Year for 2017

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Ready to go?

It’s time to talk about your business, and how our AWS support can help. Speak to the team at Green Cloud today to find out more about our AWS managed services.