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Enterprise-level migration to the AWS cloud

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hugely beneficial for enterprises in any industry. And it doesn’t have to be complicated, stressful or unnecessarily costly.

Green Cloud offers a first-rate application and database migration service to ensure your company gets an effective, high-performing cloud solution.

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Green Cloud Hosting Amazon Migration Services

Benefits of AWS Application Migration

Migrating to the cloud is fast-becoming an essential route for both modern and traditional corporations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a low-cost, scalable option for all enterprises. That’s why it’s become one of the most popular cloud services platforms across the world, with a range of great benefits for customers:

The benefits of migrating to the AWS Cloud with Green Cloud Hosting


Eliminate growth boundaries, scaling up or down as required with no fixed allowances. There’s no need to estimate your capacity needs, so you’re never held back.


With AWS cloud computing, digital resources are always just a click away. Your enterprise gets what it needs instantly, rather than wasting time and money waiting around.


Because AWS accommodates thousands of users in the cloud, they can use higher economies of scale to reduce the price per client.


Deploy applications around the world in seconds, improving speed and user experience for staff, clients and customers.

How We Can Help

AWS live migration has a multitude of clear benefits, which make it a worthwhile investment for any company. But where is the best place to start?

From discovery and design to execution and data-synchronisation, migrating servers to AWS can be a monumental challenge – not to mention the numerous different types of AWS infrastructure available.

With expert assistance, you’ll be able to clearly define business objectives which will shape your entire AWS migration strategy. Green Cloud offers a comprehensive AWS data migration service, covering every step of your AWS migration from start to finish:

How Green Cloud Hosting can help with AWS migration

Account Manager

Every corporation we work with is assigned an AWS Migration Account Manager, who will oversee and manage every aspect of the project. They’re present throughout every stage of the AWS live migration – and always on hand to discuss progress, answer queries or provide specialist assistance.


We then start with the initial discovery and design for your application migration. Our experts work in partnership with you and your team to create a detailed AWS migration strategy. This forms a migration document, outlining all the work, tasks and timelines, with rigorous quality assurance in place to ensure every box is ticked

Build-out and Migration

The next step is to build your AWS environment. We’ll take care of everything, creating the AWS environment you require to a tee. Following this, we’ll arrange and manage the migration of all key data and applications to the AWS cloud. This includes all data synchronisation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Our work isn’t done once we’ve ensured a smooth, hassle-free migration. Your AWS cloud infrastructure will be validated against success criteria to ensure it’s fully up to scratch. Our end-to-end AWS database migration service also includes ongoing support with the platform after migrating servers to AWS.

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Why Green Cloud?

Green Cloud is an AWS Partner, meaning we have access to invaluable resources to support you in your transition to the cloud.

But that’s not all…

Support Around the Clock

With a dedicated project manager, questions and queries will never go unanswered. Our experts offer a constant point of contact at every stage of the migration process.

End-to-End Monitoring

From discovery to execution and even post-migration, we provide support throughout the process, so you and your team always have the expertise you need.


With a dedicated project manager, questions and queries will never go unanswered. Our experts offer a constant point of contact at every stage of the migration process.

Working with the best

You’re in good company with us too. The National Health Service (NHS) and Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) are just an example of our respected clients

Your AWS Migration Strategy

The complexity of your AWS cloud migration depends on several factors. Needless to say, companies that have been working on their own infrastructure for longer will find more challenges when moving to the cloud.

Fortunately, Green Cloud caters for even the most complex changes with our AWS data migration service. Whatever the requirements, we’ll work with your team to establish clear goals, support your company and complete the AWS migration process quickly and effectively.

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