Green Cloud Hosting are experts in delivering Cloud Hosting solutions to businesses. Cloud Hosting from Green Cloud provides your business with high-availability, scalable, cost effective and resilient server resources accessed via an internet connection. We build our Virtual Private Servers from the ground up, and they are tailored around each customer to ensure they deliver on your needs.

Cloud Hosting provides businesses with the ability to build a Virtual Private Server from the ground up to best match your requirements. Plus, as it’s a scalable solution, you can add and remove resources as you see fit.

If you are looking at moving your business applications, backups or online presence to the Cloud, then speak to us about our tailor-made solutions. We can also assist with the set-up, migration and on-going management of your Cloud Servers for you as part of the service. All our solutions can be built via a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, so whether you need a cost-effective, dedicated or uncontended solution, we have the right fit for your business.

We only use the best-of-breed hardware and, as such, the network is built on HP, Cisco and Dell hardware plus we operate on a private dark fibre network of 10 gigabits to provide optimum speeds. We offer N+1 redundancy, combined with enterprise-class management, and offer a 99.97% availability guarantee. We also proactively manage our customers’ Virtual Private Servers and constantly monitor them to ensure availability is guaranteed.

What Can The Cloud Do For You?

Manage Your Costs
Cloud services allow you to manage your costs better by having your IT systems managed by a 3rd party provider.

Latest Software And Hardware
Minimal outlay in terms of IT hardware, software and infrastructure.

Always Accessible & Hassle Free
Your business will be connected to the latest technology via the cloud (referred to as ‘hosting’ or outsourced IT), and save the hassle and cost involved when choosing to operate an on-premise solutions.

Room To Grow
Flexibility to increase or decrease users as your business needs change. With a cloud services solution you can improve efficiency and scalability of your IT systems. Want to find out more? We can help you find the right solution to meet your needs. The business benefits include:

Agile – Cloud Computing allows you to rapidly and efficiently add and remove resources, allowing you to adjust your computing environment on the fly.

Lower Risk – pay as you go, and pay as your grow (or shrink). You never end up with “shelfware“ (an investment in IT hardware/software that never actually gets used), since you can just shut down an unused resource in realtime.
Opex vs. Capex – since you are paying for resources as you use them, Cloud Computing is an operational expense, rather than a capital expense, and therefore has tax implications that are beneficial to some companies.

Lower upfront cost – lower barrier to entry – instead of spending a bunch of money up front to pay for hardware, software, and project labour, you instead make monthly payments. This means you don’t have a big out of pocket spend, which is often a barrier to entry into a new solution.

Device & Location Independence – work anywhere, anytime – servers are located in the cloud, which typically means you can be securely accessed from anywhere. Workstations are also virtual machines in the cloud, so we don’t care what you are accessing them from (desktop, notebook, thin client, tablet, smartphone, doesn’t really matter). This is mobile computing.

Focus on core business – You can totally get out of the IT business, and instead focus on your own business. You no longer need to be concerned with maintenance, security, upgrades – this is all automatically addressed by the cloud solution.

Whether you’re looking to migrate your entire server farm to the cloud or virtualise a single server, Green Cloud will have a solution to fit your requirements. Contact our team now to discuss your project 0800 019 3878.