Better Business Performance with Hosted Desktop Technology

Better technological performance means better business performance

There’s performance – and there’s performance. But with many cloud technology companies focusing attention on the many technological benefits of hosted desktop services (and it’s surprising how many organisations do!), it’s easy to overlook the many business benefits.

Let’s cover a couple of those technological issues first:

That a 1Mbps connection is perfectly capable of servicing 10-20 users with speed to spare.
That staff can easily access important data on a range of devices.
Or that server uptime is radically improved.

Good. But of course, technology is simply a means to an end. It’s the business benefits that count.

The ability to serve clients faster, with better, more accurate information.
The ability to make more informed decisions.
To act with greater insight, to be more nimble, more agile, to think more clearly as an organisation.
Bottom line – to make more money.
Does hosted desktop deliver improved technological performance? Without doubt. But where hosted desktop really delivers is through better business performance.

Sync calendars and email, run dedicated software, CRM and other business essential software, access important data on the move, enjoy any time access to real time information. It’s easy.

Travel Light, Travel Efficiently, Travel Cost Effectively

It’s a common misconception that you need a lightning fast internet connection to run hosted desktop – that’s simply not the case.

Because all your processing is taken care of using the latest, most powerful and most reliable server technology, it means you are spared the expensive inefficiencies and tiresome idiosyncrasies of your legacy systems.

With all the heavy lifting, all the important work processed on our servers, the only information that needs to travel over the internet is simple command information – the swipes, the scapes, the clicks and keystrokes employed when using your software.

Imagine. No more expensive upgrades. No more costly IT recruitment. Just better performance.

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