The Reliability of Hosted Desktop Technology

‘Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?’

We’ve all been there, stuck. Staring at a paralysed screen. Drumming fingers on the desk, waiting more in hope than expectation. The computer says no. In fact, too often, the computer says nothing at all. Dumb terminal.

Or out with a client, desperate for an update, a mail confirmation, a message – and all you can do is apologise. Pray the system restores. Turn it off. Turn it on again. Wait. Nope… still nothing.

There’s Nothing Like Downtime To Make You Realise How Important Uptime Is

And the great thing about hosted desktop is that instead of only being as strong as your weakest point, the real and present danger to your uptime is spread, is shared, is mitigated.

The Science Of Uptime

Sure, we apply all the latest and greatest technology to ensure system reliability – the RAID disks, the hot spare disks and redundant switches and firewalls, the multiple server clusters and site replications. But rather than throwing a whole load of jargon at you, here’s a simple statistic – 99.9%.

99.9% Uptime

Our worst is better than much of the competition’s best. Up time is our currency. Our value. Our reputation.

A reputation built on a skilled combination of dedicated infrastructure and pre-emptive 24/7 system monitoring. Applied reliability and failsafe systems that automatically sidestep threat as it rears its ugly head.

Backed Up Backups

Absolutely nothing is taken for granted. Even our 99.9% uptime. So as well as rock solid, super secure, high quality hosted desktop infrastructure, we apply rock solid, super secure, high quality hosted desktop disaster recovery and business continuity backup. Double good.

The integrity and accessibility of your data is too important to take risks with – so we don’t. We simply ensure that in the worst case scenario you get the very best service. 24/7 hosted desktop reliability that you can rely on.

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