Scalability of Hosted Desktop Technology

The arms race is over

Has your business accumulated a whole load of legacy kit? In your efforts to be the best has your IT server room evolved into a Heath Robinson mishmash of old servers, systems and network infrastructure?

You wouldn’t be alone. Take a peek across most company IT inventories and you’ll see an accumulation of once ‘state of the art’ technology, year on year superseded, adapted, customised and eventually chucked out.

And what if you grow? Of course you are planning to grow your business! Will you have to pile on layers of additional internal server capacity? All those extra boxes. All those extra IT staff. All those expensive software upgrades to match your upward mobility.

The Wonder Of Scalability

It doesn’t have to be like that. And even if you are a new company or a start up, now you have the opportunity to avoid heading down that dark and expensive road called continual upgrade.

Now it’s simply a case of choosing the service you need. No redundant capacity. No out of date software. No old boxes to dump in the skip. Just the computing firepower that your company needs, when it needs it. Live and dynamic. Optimised.

With hosted desktop you’ll never pay for untouched capacity ever again. And you’ll never find your system underspecified – performance compromised, bursting apart at the seams.

Dynamic Computing For Dynamic Business

Scaleable. Elastic. Hosted desktop promises additional server capacity on demand with additional software applications and updates as required. That way you will always have both the processing power and the software functionality you need, exactly when you need it.

Pay As You Grow

Plug In scalability means that you can add and remove users as required. No more risky commitment to what ifs and projections. Just dynamic monthly billing with costs carefully aligned to use.

Don’t chain your company to the past. Build a successful future with hosted desktop solutions.

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