Hosted Desktops Provide Security & Privacy

It’s your data. And it’s our job to ensure it stays yours. No ifs. No buts. No compromises. Security is an absolute priority however you access the cloud. Both your success and our reputation rely on it.

Secured, Encrypted Internet Connectivity

No business should have to doubt the security of their internet connectivity. That’s why we deploy the latest, most sophisticated encryption technology. So you can be sure.

Guaranteed Data Privacy And Security

We don’t simply talk data privacy and security – we guarantee it.

99.9% Uptime

But what good is a secure system if it’s unreliable? If it’s prone to failure? Suffers expensive, inconvenient downtime? It’s no good.

That’s why we’ve built a dedicated infrastructure. We’ve backed ourselves. A carefully set up and meticulously configured in-house system designed to deliver rock solid, super secure, high quality hosted desktop performance. Day in, day out. No third parties. No reliance on others. Just fast, consistent, ultra reliable remote desktop computing.

The result? 99.9% uptime.

Pre-Emptive 24/7 System Monitoring

We like to get our retaliation in first. That’s why we scan our systems 24/7. Preemptive system monitoring designed to head off trouble before it even raises its head.

Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Backup

And should that 0.1% negative zone ever occur we’re ready. Special disaster recovery and business continuity backup that automatically kicks in to protect the integrity and accessibility of your data.

Centralised User Profile Management

We apply centralised user profile management to guarantee data privacy and security.

BYO (Bring Your Own Device) Compatible With Data Stored Securely In The Cloud

Your team will access their data through a variety of technology – laptops, dumb terminals, tablets or smartphones for example. However they do it hosted desktop makes sure they do it securely.

We Own All Of Our Infrastructure

Do we use our own dedicated infrastructure? Of course we do. It’s more secure like that. Inbuilt integrity that means you can get on with your job, serving your customers, safe in the knowledge that we’re getting on with ours, serving you.

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