Hosted Skype for Business features

Our Hosted Microsoft Skype for Business provides a complete Unified Communications solution which enables users to keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an IM; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call all through a consistent, familiar Microsoft client.

Integrated Telecoms & IT, Control Costs, Improve Productivity, Support Your Mobile Workers, Be More Responsive.

Our Packages

Skype for Business

£9.99 / month

Per User


  • Deskphone / Headset Support
  • Instant Messaging & Presense
  • Multi-Party File Transfer
  • Integration with Office Applications
  • Conference
  • E911 Capabilities


  • Number Porting
  • Rich Presense
  • Audio, Video & Web Conferencing
  • Integration with Office Applications
  • Routing Rules
  • Initiate AD-HOC White Boarding
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