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Virtual desktop solutions

XenDesktop Essentials – or Citrix Essentials – allows companies to deploy, deliver and manage their own virtual desktops through Microsoft Azure. It provides impressive speed and scalability with digital workspaces delivered as a single interface.

Regardless of your sector or specialty, Green Cloud Hosting is here to assist with a fast, effective and trouble-free XenDesktop deployment.

Why go virtual with XenDesktop

XenDesktop Essentials provides a virtual desktop environment for your company and the workforce. That means storing the whole desktop environment on remote servers, including the operating system and any applications and data. Needless to say, this holds a range of benefits for your enterprise:

With everything stored on remote servers, there’s no chance of vital data getting into the wrong hands when personal devices are lost or stolen.

Employees can instantly access the documents, applications or data they need. They can do so from multiple devices from desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Wave goodbye to the cost of internal servers and hardware maintenance. XenDesktop Essentials streamlines the entire computing operation.

Because everything is stored remotely, companies can scale up with ease. The same applies when setting up new employees, with additional desktops available instantly.

Specialist XenDesktop services

XenDesktop Essentials is a smart investment for any company. The only issue is getting the right expertise on board to facilitate the transition to a virtual desktop environment. That’s where Green Cloud Hosting comes in.

Our team assists and advises on XenDesktop deployment to make the move as quick and straightforward as possible. We minimise disruption and loss of productivity throughout the process, with XenDesktop management and maintenance once everything is complete. Here’s how it works…

Dedicated Account Manager

Working with us, your company will be assigned a dedicated XenDesktop account manager. Overseeing and managing every step of the process, your account manager provides a single point of contact to discuss the project, answer any questions and provide support for your team.

Project Scoping

Working with key members of your team, we create a detailed plan for your XenDesktop deployment and delivery. This is bespoke to your company, taking all your objectives and requirements into account to produce a final deployment document. This gives your team access to all the vital information about all the tasks and deadlines involved in the process.

Deploying XenDesktop

Following this, we’ll begin to set up and deploy your XenDesktop. From the delivery controller and initial configuration to installing applications and migrating data, our team will build the perfect virtual desktop environment for your company using the powerful platform.

Validation and Support

Once deployment is complete, we’ll continue to work with your company to validate the XenDesktop environment. Any problems that your team encounter will be successfully identified and rectified to ensure you have a system that’s effective, responsive and productive.

Why Green Cloud?

The team at Green Cloud Hosting has worked on countless successful XenDesktop deployments.
But it’s not just our experience and expertise that set us apart…

Comprehensive Support
We provide around-the-clock support for all of our clients, with a project manager on hand throughout the deployment process. Whether it’s a one-off query or urgent assistance, your company always has a responsive point of contact.

Ongoing Assistance
We won’t leave your company in the wilderness after deployment. Our experts continue to assist with and monitor your virtual desktop into the future, so you always have the right solution for your needs.

Green Cloud Hosting was named Greater Manchester Business of the Year in 2017, so we’re truly an award-winning cloud computing agency.

The Best Company
You only have to look at our previous clients to evidence our success. The National Health Service (NHS) and Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) are among those we’ve helped with cloud computing in the past.

Moving to XenDesktop

With our help, your workforce will benefit from seamless access to their desktop, applications and files from multiple devices in any location. The result? Enhanced security, improved productivity and more flexibility in the long run.

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