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Cloud Computing

Hosted Exchange, Microsoft Lync, Sharepoint 2010 and Dynamics CRM. Just the start of how we can help you with Cloud computing

Hosted Exchange


Unlimited mailbox storage*

Smartphone connectivity

Advanced antispam and antivirus protection

UK hosting, storage and technical support

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Hosted Lync


Intergrate Telecoms and IT – Full PBX capabilities

Control costs – Reduce travel and communication costs

Improve productivity – Use presence to see availability of colleagues

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Improve productivity

Enhance Collaboration

Reduce operational costs

Choose from either a hosted or dedicated platform

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Dynamics CRM


Close deals faster

Generate demand

Deliver a responsive service

Familiar Microsoft office look and feel

Real time analytics dashboards

Hosted on our Cloud platform

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Our Solutions

Our solution combines market leading Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint technologies, fully integrated and delivered in a scalable, flexible and reliable model. Using our new enterprise-grade Cloud platform, customers have the freedom to securely access all of their communications tools; e-mail, contacts, voice mail, instant messaging, shared documents and much more, from any web-browser or device with an Internet connection.

Are you a small, medium or large business?

It doesn’t matter what size of company you are. Everyone can benefit from cloud computing right now and it’s not just about cost savings. It’s that and much much more! Eliminate the need to install and run applications on your premises and take away the hassle of hardware and software maintenance, operation, security and support. This gives you the freedom, flexibility and peace of mind to turn your vision of business success into reality.

Call us free on 0800 019 3878 to speak to a cloud specialist now. They talk in plain English and have helped businesses of all sizes reap the rewards that cloud computing can bring.

Cloud computing is fast changing from a futuristic technology into a commercially viable alternative to traditional on-premise servers and storage, but how can it help your business

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Cloud services allow you to manage your costs better by having your IT systems managed by a 3rd party provider.


Minimal outlay in terms of IT hardware, software and infrastructure


Your business will be connected to the latest technology via the cloud (referred to as ‘hosting’ or outsourced IT), and save the hassle and cost involved when choosing to operate an on-premise solutions.


Flexibility to increase or decrease users as your business needs change. With a cloud services solution you can improve efficiency and scalability of your IT systems.
Want to find out more? We can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.
The business benefits

  1. Agile – cloud computing allows you to rapidly and efficiently add and remove resources, allowing you to adjust your computing environment on the fly.
  2. Lower Risk – pay as you go, and pay as your grow (or shrink).  You never end up with “shelfware” (an investment in IT hardware/software that never actually gets used), since you can just shut down an unused resource in realtime.
  3. Opex vs. Capex – since you are paying for resources as you use them, cloud computing is an operational expense, rather than a capital expense, and therefore has tax implications that are beneficial to some companies.
  4. Lower upfront cost: lower barrier to entry – instead of spending a bunch of money up front to pay for hardware, software, and project labour, you instead make monthly payments.  This means you don’t have a big out of pocket spend, which is often a barrier to entry into a new solution.
  5. Device & Location Independence: work anywhere, anytime – servers are located in the cloud, which typically means you can be securely accessed from anywhere. Workstations are also virtual machines in the cloud, so we don’t care what you are accessing them from (desktop, notebook, thin client, tablet, smartphone, doesn’t really matter).  This is mobile computing.
  6. Focus on core business – You can totally get out of the IT business, and instead focus on your own business.  You no longer need to be concerned with maintenance, security, upgrades – this is all automatically addressed by the cloud solution.

Why use Green Cloud Hosting

Green Cloud Hosting offers one of the broadest Cloud product offerings in the UK. This means that we can provide you with access to Cloud solutions such as business-grade email, infrastructure hosting, CRM, document collaboration and UC solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies, all managed via one control panel.

Hosted experts

Migration assistance and expert advice on your Active Directory requirements, or just support when you need it. Green Cloud has a team of friendly and highly qualified Cloud hosting experts on hand to assist in your transition to Cloud.

Enterprise class security

Cloud Mail includes advanced protection against data loss, viruses, malware, phishing and spam, all without the hassle and expense of managing it yourself.

More than business email

Cloud Mail is the next generation business messaging solution and offers enterprise-grade email and robust communications whatever your budget.

Anywhere access

Enable staff to access their email and contacts, share documents, and use presence to ‘see’ availability and instant messaging (IM) to ‘chat’, even when you’re away from the office

You will benefit from a full Microsoft business solution at a fraction of the cost of an in-house system, spreading the cost over the term of the contract and paying just a single, affordable monthly fee. This means you can focus on your core business, redeploying your IT resources more efficiently on other projects.

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