5 Global Brands Using AWS

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Whether it’s clothes or cars, we’re all influenced by other people using products or services. It’s a bit like looking for a busy restaurant when you want to eat out.

The same is true when it comes to cloud services. If other businesses and big brands are using a certain product, it goes some way to showing its quality and reliability. When it comes to Amazon Web Services (AWS), those brands are some of the biggest in the world…

1.  Netflix

When it comes to cloud storage requirements, it’s hard to get bigger than Netflix. The TV & film-streaming service has an ever-growing library with thousands of titles stored online for its users to watch on demand – all supported by AWS.

2.  Apple

It was recently revealed that tech giants Apple spend more than $30 million on AWS every month, in order to deliver services like iCloud.

3.  NASA

Ever wondered how NASA sends images from space? With AWS of course. NASA used AWS to stream images and video from its Curiosity rover across the globe.

4.  Airbnb

Airbnb has massively disrupted the travel world, allowing homeowners to let out their house or flat temporarily for a competitive price. Their entire database is hosted using AWS Relational Database Service.

5.  Unilever

While Unilever itself might not be a household name, the company is responsible for a vast array of brands from Comfort, Cif and Vaseline to Wall’s, Pot Noodle and PG Tips – to name just a few. The company has more than 1,700 web properties running on AWS for its worldwide marketing campaigns.

Time to join them?

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