7 Predictions for Cloud Computing for 2015

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This year has been a huge year for cloud computing, with hundreds of organisations, big and small, discarding their traditional IT infrastructures in favour of a more virtualised approach.

The benefits of cloud computing speak for themselves; offering organisations everything from reduced costs and greater efficiency to enterprise level IT support at an affordable cost.

With the cloud computing market growing at such a fast rate, it is only set to get bigger and better next year. Here we have share seven predictions for cloud computing in 2015.

Is cloud computing the way forward for businesses in 2015?

1. One trillion cloud-ready devices
According to the latest report by IBM in 2015 there will be around one trillion cloud-ready devices connected to the internet. This will be as a result of more and more employees using their personal and company devices to access their emails, data and applications using cloud based services.

2. Rise of the Hybrid cloud
According to Gartner, we should also see a rise in the popularity of the hybrid cloud next year. Instead of simply using a public or private cloud, more and more organisations will be turning to a hybrid cloud solution.
Whilst the private cloud has historically been the preferred option for businesses, they are now realising that it is not completely viable for all of the cloud services they require. Using a hybrid model, businesses can keep some of their data locally, whilst also making use of SaaS delivered via the cloud.

3. More businesses using cloud service brokers
With the number of cloud service providers set to grow and grow, it is believed that next year we will see a greater number of businesses using cloud service brokers. These organisations will be made up of IT consultants who can assist companies in choosing the right cloud services and applications to meet their needs and requirements.
Will cloud security worries become a thing of the past?

4. People will be less worried about cloud security
A study by Right Scale has found that fewer people are now worried about the security concerns around cloud computing and this is set to decline further as cloud computing becomes more prominent in business environments next year.

Whilst the security of cloud computing is still a concern to those new to the technology, the report found that between 2013 and 2014, concerns decreased by 13%. This illustrates that organisations are starting to trust cloud computing and are showing a greater willingness to migrate to a virtualised solution in order to improve their business operations.

5. Cloud computing will begin to generate more and more jobs
According to various different news sources, cloud computing is expected to generate at least fourteen million jobs across the globe in 2015. A common misconception is that cloud computing is cutting jobs, but it seems like it is actually creating them, especially in emerging markets.

6. Focus on cloud-centric design
Although the majority of software and applications can be migrated to the cloud, it is believed that in 2015, developers will adopt a more cloud-centric approach to design. In order to fully exploit the potential of accessing software and applications via the internet, the programs need to be created with the cloud model in mind.

7. More businesses adopting cloud computing
Whilst there are many different predictions floating around of what will happen to cloud computing in 2015, if one thing is for sure it is that the market will continue to grow and grow. With more and more businesses adopting cloud computing as a way of reducing their costs, increasing their flexibility and facilitating remote working, the cloud computing solutions available are surely going to get even bigger and better!

Some industry experts are even predicting a 50% growth in cloud computing by August 2015 and many others believe that it will soon be the primary option for businesses looking to build efficient IT infrastructures.
If you want to make the most of the opportunities that cloud computing brings in 2015 give us a call at Green Cloud Hosting to discuss your options.

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