AWS 101: What is the AWS Marketplace?

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More and more companies are choosing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their cloud services. So much so, that it’s now the world’s most popular provider of cloud services. Why? In part, it’s down to the wide range of add-ons that allow users to tailor their AWS package to their needs.

In this post, we take a closer look at the AWS Marketplace, how it works and how it can help your company with the right know-how and insight on your side.

Understanding the basics

The AWS Marketplace is a digital catalogue of all the third-party software, services and products available to users. It’s essentially an app store for AWS, with a range of different categories, including:

  • Dev Ops
  • Intelligence Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Operating Systems
  • Security Networking
  • Storage Business

Providers and subscribers

There are two distinct user groups for the AWS Marketplace – namely, providers and subscribers.


Subscribers are the end users. They’re the companies and their staff who use AWS for cloud hosting, data management or a range of other cloud computing solutions. Anyone with an AWS account can use the AWS Marketplace as a subscriber.

When your company buys a product, you agree to the terms and conditions which includes the pricing. This is added to your AWS bill and paid to AWS Marketplace, who will then pay the provider.


On the other hand, providers are the party – individuals or companies – who develop products and make them available through the AWS Marketplace. Anyone can register to become a provider through the AWS Marketplace Management Portal, falling into one of three broad categories:

  • Independent software vendor
  • Value-added reseller
  • Individual software developer

As mentioned, you can offer your product with a charge or make it free to use, with more than one option available for each product. So, you may have a free version and a paid version with added features. If you choose to charge for your product, you’ll need to provide banking and tax information.

Despite the fact that anyone can become a provider, not all products make it onto the AWS Marketplace. They have to go through curation. In short, this is because Amazon doesn’t want its users to have to filter through deficient products from disreputable providers.

To clarify, AWS providers are not the same as providers of AWS services, who are important to help your business succeed on AWS.

Benefits of AWS Marketplace

The main benefit of the AWS Marketplace is how easy it is to use. This convenience manifests in a number of ways…


On the AWS Marketplace, you can choose the category of product you’re looking for, filtering by:

  • Vendor
  • Operating system
  • Pricing plan
  • Free trial availability
  • Delivery method
  • Rating
  • Architecture
  • Region
  • Instance type

It takes the hassle out of finding software for specific functions of your company, with an option to search by name if you have a better idea of what you’re looking for.


Paying is also easy through AWS. If you use multiple software solutions, as many companies do, it can soon become complicated paying several different providers at different times of the month. Through AWS, you get billed in one sum. They take care of all payments to providers.


AWS Marketplace products are available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) or Software as a Service (SaaS). They are preconfigured, so they can be deployed instantly after purchase. Because AWS has regulated all software, they can also be downloaded as a free trial without the need for developers to provide a separate version of their product.

How to make the most out of the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace complements AWS services, providing the right add-ons for the specific needs and functions of your company. However, it still requires the right know-how and experience to choose the right software for you and set up your AWS environment.

At Green Cloud Hosting, we provide exactly that. We are part of the AWS Partner Network, meaning we have all the expertise and resources to assist your company with Amazon Web Services. Whether it’s setting up a virtual desktop, migrating your data to the cloud with AWS, or something more complex, we can provide the perfect tailored solution.

Want to find out more? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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