Hosted Exchange – Green Cloud Hosting 20% Off first month – £4.79 per user

Why Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is one of the most commonly used email systems for UK businesses due to enterprise grade security and reliability that a business would require. It provides, email, contacts and calendars on your PC, MAC, web browser and phone.

Microsoft Exchange is brilliant however there are a few disadvantages of having your own Microsoft Exchange server sat within your business due to the initial cost of hardware plus the maintenance and support for the server. If that stops working then the business stops receiving emails and the ability to send then which can have massive financial implications and cause frustration for staff. Due to this, Small to medium sized businesses opt for cheaper email systems with less functionally;

Lets take a little look at the cost of running your own Exchange server….

First of all you will need a server costing around £3000,however you will want to make sure your users are online 24/7 so you will need a backup server too so that comes to £6000.

Let’s say you have 5 users, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard with a 5 user licence is around £1100 in addition to this you will also need a very reliable backup and restore solution to make sure your data is secure and retrievable, this may cost you around £2000.

So realistically you are looking at around £10,000. This doesn’t include the installation of the system, professional services costs for engineers, and on-going support/maintenance. Plus you need to consider who will manage the system, who’s going to perform the backups and ensure the data is secure etc, perform upgrades, deal with software patches and then the dreaded hardware replacement after 3 years!

This is why so many businesses are using Green Cloud Hosting for our Hosted Exchange service.
Hosted Exchange in the cloud removes the need for hardware on site. All you need for our Hosted Exchange solution is an internet connected device. You can access all your emails, calendars, contacts on your desktop PC, Mac or from anywhere using a Tablet, IPhone, Blackberry, Android device etc.

Hosted Exchange is a brilliant way for Small to Medium sized businesses to get Enterpise class email solutions without the need to invest in infrastructure or hardware!

How much does it cost?

For our most popular package that comes with an Unlimited sized mailbox, free support, all set up and working –

£5.99 per user per month ex VAT
20% OFF – First month price – £4.79

Not bad for a Hosted Exchange solution!

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