Hosted Lync Server

Hi everyone, this is my 2nd post on the topic of a Hosted Lync Server.

First of all…What the heck has happened to the weather!! Absolutely smashing it down in Manchester..anyway…
So a Hosted Lync Server…How would it lower the IT costs?

Well with a Hosted Lync Server 2010 an business could remove the need for an expensive on-premise telephone system and associated handsets. Just think about the CAPEX on that system plus the maintenance and requirement for new handsets etc. That’s what I used to consult and provide so I’m pretty well informed on that side of things. I think that’s why I love the Hosted Lync Server solution so much because there’s no high CAPEX and you get tons more with it than a PBX.

With the cost savings on the system a given, a company can also lower costs by going to broadband instead of expensive data and voice style telecom services. With a Hosted Lync Server offering, We take care of the telecom interconnects, so all a company requires is quality broadband.

Don’t forget that Lync also provides conference calling and video conferencing, so guess what, you can remove the need for these existing solutions. When a company trials the service they get to understand the full value proposition. The decision to move to a Hosted Lync Server solution from us with Exchange and SharePoint included becomes a no brainer.

Don’t underestimate the value this provides for a company. I mention value and simply not cost savings because while lower costs are certainly part of it, this solution provides a much better value for the cost versus a upgrade or new telephone system.


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