Looking for an MPLS solution?

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Looking for an MPLS solution?

MPLS VPN allows the secure exchange of data across a VPN (virtual private network) and cost effective communication between company sites with a range of access options including ADSL, LLU, FTTC and Ethernet. The product provides any-to-any IP Wide Area Network (WAN) services. It is designed for multi-sited enterprises and for those with remote workers that need to simply and securely access their internal corporate network.

MPLS solution


  • Bespoke, secure, private, MPLS network
  • Resilient network with automatic failover
  • Easy ordering portal
  • Range of private IP addresses
  • RADIUS and DNS management
  • Uncongested business-grade network
  • Multiple DSL and Ethernet providers
  • Network monitoring


  • Easy to provision, manage and sell
  • Migrate existing VPNs without the need for site re-addressing
  • More cost effective than traditional solutions
  • Easy to scale using MPLS
  • Proactive monitoring enabling faster faults diagnostics and resolutions

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