Top 5 Cloud Computing myths

Man holding an Ipad with background of clouds

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Top 5 Cloud Computing myths

Myth 1: My information in the cloud isn’t secure.
We say… Cloud storage is just as secure – if not more – than traditional data storage.

Myth 2: The return on investment is too low and the cost to deploy is too high.
We say… Costs are low and ROI is very high.

Myth 3: Using Cloud services could increase the risk of downtime if one server crashes.
We say… Thanks to a gorgeous redundant design, server crash shouldn’t create interruption.

Myth 4: The cloud isn’t ready for the enterprise.
We say… Cloud based Enterprise services are ready and only getting better.

Myth 5: I don’t have full ownership of my data.
We say… Your data ownership is stated in the contract.

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