Unified Lync

What are the business benefits of Unified Lync?

Reduce Telephony Costs
No need for an expensive PBX, maintenance agreement, IVR, Call Centre, voicemail system and ISDN lines. With full breakout into the PSTN network, Unified Lync replaces all your existing business communications.

Reduce Conferencing Costs
Expensive voice and video conferencing solutions become unnecessary. Our integrated solution supports more effective collaboration.

Reduce Travel Costs
Hold ‘face-to-face’ meetings without the time and expense of travelling to meetings, helping to improve that work/life balance.

Supports Flexible Working
Enable employees to hold meetings and communicate effectively with staff at different sites, and with external stakeholders, customers and suppliers. Teams are empowered with the tools to communicate when and how they need to.

Improve Performance
Hold multiple conversations in real time and get answers quickly; in today’s competitive environment, faster response times are key to customer retention.

Key functionality
Make and receive phone calls when and where you want to. Unified Lync even allows you to divert calls from one device to another, which is ideal if you want to transfer a call to your mobile as you leave the office

High Definition (HD) panoramic video allowing you to see the whole room
Manage your communications how you want too – your calls, voicemail messages and IM can all be controlled from one place

Record conversations including video and content, so you can replay them at any time
Desktop share – easy transition from IM conversation to a telephone call or desktop share for simple, seamless collaboration

Rich ‘presence’ ensures you can track the whereabouts of the people you need, regardless of their physical location
Receptionist functionality will ensure calls are routed to the right person first time, every time

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