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Hosted Desktops from Green Cloud

Instant internet access to everything, from anywhere, on any device.

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Hosted Desktops made easy – for everyone.

Your data, your applications, safe, supported and accessible to your whole team.

Flexible: Any device, anywhere – bring your own device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone)

Cost saving: Save up to 50% over three years

Supported: Outsource your hardware, anti-virus software, licence renewals

Secure: Locktight SSL encryption

Reliable: Back up and replica data centres mean you are always operational

Lean and Green: Big power savings that save you money too – Servers £ 94 a year. PCs £ 60

Hosted Desktops Powered by Citrix technology

A Citrix Hosted Desktop environment can provide your business and staff with the ultimate in mobile IT flexibility and security. All UK hosted across 3 UK ISO-27001 Datacentres .

More About Hosted Citrix Desktops

Includes an Application Server

Plus…A choice of Microsoft Office 2013 Standard or Professional, a Hosted Exchange 2013 mailbox, generous storage and friendly, 24/7 UK based support. Your hosted desktop connection can be provided via Citrix or RDP.

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Flexible & Secure

Add and remove users as you go. Your hosted desktop is safe and backed up automatically in our secure ISO-27001 certified UK datacentres. Our two-factor authenticated login makes our hosted desktops both fast and secure.

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Hosted Desktop Benefits


The security of your data? It’s a non-negotiable. As simple as that. That’s why we only deploy proven protection – best of breed protection. The kind of super secure hardware and failsafe SSL encryption used by the banks. ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data centres, Barracuda anti-spam/virus software and enterprise grade firewalls. Don’t take chances. Do use Green Cloud.

Find out more about hosted desktop security


If the speed and the performance of your existing network isn’t proving a frustration, then the cost and hassle of maintaining it surely is. It doesn’t have to be like that. Our enterprise level hosting not only delivers lighting performance speeds, it also means that delivery is both consistent and reliable. 5-10 users accommodated with ease on a single 1Mbps connection. Add to that the fact that you aren’t having to continually invest in new technology to keep the wheels turning and you can see that hosted desktop performance, in addition to boosting performance, will also save you money.

Find out more about hosted desktop performance


Down time is expensive. It’s also avoidable. 99.9% avoidable. Because we carefully balance your hosted services across multiple servers and multiple locations it means that in the event of a hardware fail your processing is automatically transferred to an alternative server. You won’t even notice. In the event of a major failure we will even migrate your processing via super fast 10GB fibre links to our contingency datacentres. Again, the process is seamless. High-availability resilience, best practice methodologies and multiple fail-over equivalents and multiple server equivalents. Everything you need to keep up and running.

Find out more about hosted desktop reliability


It’s your hosted desktop package. We’ll configure it as you wish. With the applications that you need. From 1 user to 10,000. Each system unique. Each created to your exact requirements. And each requirement, be it an additional user or an new application configurable within only 24 hours.

Find out more about hosted desktop scalability


You’ll have questions. You’ll have concerns. Issues. That’s normal. That’s natural. It’s natural too that we’re there to help you. And we are. 24/7/365 hours. Unlimited support. UK based support. Fully Microsoft and Citrix qualified support.

Find out more about hosted desktop support

Backup & Replication

Every few milliseconds, we take snapshots of your virtual server environment. Perfect replicas distributed across our three data centres and stored for a full 30 days. Contingency provision that means if one fails, your processing automatically transfers to the next.

The result?

Absolute peace of mind.

Business Edition

£ 29



Ideal for Office 365 Users

Business Apps Server

30GB storage per user

Antispam/Anti Virus

99.9% SLA

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Enterprise Edition

£ 39



Microsoft Office 2016 Inc 50GB Mailbox

Business Apps Server

30GB storage per user

Antispam/Anti Virus

99.9% SLA

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All of our packages come with:

Rock Solid Citrix Technology


256 Bit Security Encryption


Printer and Scanner integration


Free migration and set up


UK 24/7 Telephone Support


Corporate Anti spam/Anti virus


Redundancy via 3 UK ISO27001 certified Datacentres


Active Directory Management


Dedicated Account manager


Client Testimonials

Andy Calvert

“We migrated our company, which is spread over 5 continents. Green Cloud helped us with an almost effortless migration. Their continued support is excellent”

Mark Stock

“Green Cloud delivered exactly what they promised with excellent back up. 25 satisfied users can’t be wrong!! I would recommend them any day!”

Caroline Daniels

“We have been using Green Cloud Hosting for several months and have found their service to be extremely reliable and well supported. We would definitely recommend Green Cloud Hosting to others”


Do I have to pay setup/migration costs?

No, migration assistance is free. Set up is completely free. There is nothing else to pay apart from the monthly user fee – there are no hidden charges, no matter how complex your set up.

How secure is the service ?

A hosted desktop is actually more secure than a traditional desktop. The data is stored and processed on secure servers in data centres, which are protected by staff and security. In order to access your data, you will need to enter a username and password. Once you are connected, everything you do is encrypted. Also, you cannot accidentally erase or corrupt data as it is regularly backed up.

How big is the company and how many customers do we have?

We’ve got the experience, that’s for sure. With over 500 migrations under our belt and across well over 2000 users, we are more than experienced in all types of complicated migrations with hassle-free transitions.

What software can you host?

You can be sure we can cover any application you require hosting. From the most niche of applications to more standard application hosting (Microsoft Office 2013 Standard or Pro for example). Please call us for a list of all our applications.

Will my data be backed up?

Your Virtual server environment is snapshotted across all 3 data centres with milliseconds delay behind the primary. In the event of a critical fail, you automatically be shifted to the next high availability data centres. The idea behind this is complete business continuity. We keep the last 30 days backups for peace of mind.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

Before you make the switch to a hosted desktop, it is important that you make sure your existing Internet connection is both reliable and secure. As a precautionary measure, to ensure that you stay connected if there is a connection failure, it is advisable to set up a second backup Internet connection. It is also worth investing in a dongle so that you are covered when working away from the office.
If you do get disconnected, anything you were working on up to that point will not be affected. As the data is stored in an external server, it will remain intact. Once you regain your connection, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

What support do you offer?

We provide unlimited technical support plus all our support staff are UK based and fully accredited with both Microsoft and Citrix qualifications. The support desk provides 24 hour telephone and email support seven days a week 365 days a year. If you have a question, we can answer it.

How do I set it up?

We’ll sort all of this for you! Migration assistance is free. Set up is completely free. There is nothing else to pay apart from the monthly user fee – there are no hidden charges, no matter how complex your set up.

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