4 Hosted Desktop Cost Savings for Accountants

Cost savings for accountants

Every business owner knows that keeping costs down is important. However, for accountants it’s not just about saving money. It’s about practicing what you preach. Making use of a hosted desktop could save you a significant amount of money that you’re able to use elsewhere in the business. Here are four ways you could save money with a hosted desktop.

1.  No need for servers

If you’re transferring your data and applications to the cloud, there won’t be any need for an in-house server. Not only will you save yourself the cost of a server but there’ll also be no need for a Windows licence or the Microsoft Office licence usually required for remote working. If you no longer need a server, you won’t need to hire someone to maintain or update that server either. Before you’ve even started, that’s a massive saving for your business.

2.  Reduce software costs

Accountancy software or hardware can leave a huge dent in the business finances. When a client puts their trust in an accountant, they want to know their precious information is being taken care of. Using desktop hosting will mean you won’t have to invest in backup software that keeps your clients’ data protected in the event of a damaged device or computer.

3.  Increased productivity

Having to wait for employees to be able to access certain computers can lead to a loss in productivity. If the details of your clients’ accounts can only be accessed on certain computers in a single office, employees haven’t got the flexibility they need to be more productive. Using a hosted desktop will enable employees to work from home, while on holiday or anywhere with an internet connection and power supply. The higher your productivity, the less time wasted and the more money you make.

4.  House-keeping costs

It’s easy to forget about smaller costs but they tend to add up to larger sums over time. Without the need for a server in the office, you’ll use less electricity and less air conditioning to keep the server area cool. If employees have access to client account information from any desktop, they’ll also be able to telecommute to work. This could mean that you’ll need a smaller office space in time, saving you on the cost of rent.

Why hosted desktops are so important for accountants

More than any other business relationship, it’s important for clients to feel they can trust and rely on their accountants. Hosted desktops give you the opportunity to provide a first-class service to your clients while saving money.

If you want to find out more about hosted desktop services for accountants, feel free to contact the team at Green Cloud Hosting. Call us on 0161 979 0691 or email info@greencloudhosting.co.uk.

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