Can I Use Multiple Computer Screens on a Hosted Desktop?

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What do multiple computer screens and a hosted desktop have in common? In short, they both help individuals and businesses work smarter and faster. The question on some minds is whether you can combine both?

In this post we explore how to use multiple computer screens on a hosted desktop.

Multiple screens = more productivity?

In theory, having multiple screens allows you to do more in the same space of time. Rather than switching between windows, you can work using multiple documents or applications. That could mean keeping useful resources on one screen while working on their written projects or keeping emails open on a second screen while completing important tasks to maintain constant communication.

It even works as a panoramic display on larger documents. So, a data analyst working on large spreadsheets, for example, without cutting off important columns. In any case, it should mean less disruption and more productivity. According to research cited by the New York Times, this theory runs true, with multiple screens boosting productivity by between 20 to 30 percent.

On a hosted desktop

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that businesses want to empower their workforce with multiple screens combined with the flexibility of a hosted desktop. But is it possible?

In truth, there are a range of options available, depending on your specific needs and how you want to work. If you want to work with multiple screens on a single remote desktop environment, you may require a third-party application to work with your hosted desktop.

Alternatively, you might require multiple, independent hosted desktops displayed on multiple screens at one time. Again, this is possible with the right setup.

How we can help

At Green Cloud Hosting, we’re committed to providing the right hosted desktop environment for your company. Whether it’s multiple screens or multiple hosted desktops altogether, we can create a tailored solution enabling your workforce to work smarter, faster and boost productivity.

Contact us today to arrange a call with one of our cloud computing experts.

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