Cloud Computing ….Berry????

So….last night after work a few of us went to Ikea to look for some “cool and trendy” office furniture. There was gonna be none of the standard grey desks in a company called Green Cloud Hosting! First thing we saw was a couple of pictures that would look great in the office. One was a green cow (nice) the other was a gigantic wall covering picture of white and green etchings (best I can describe!) Next on the list, Green Chairs, easy. With that done it was the desks (very cool and workable) and then soft furnishings. Every Cloud Computing company has to have a “chill out” area for the tech monsters so we came across a giant wooden frame with 3 comfy sofas and cushions in with blinds all around to close if need be and a little wooden “vintage table” in the middle for magazines. This is normally for an out door area but for us it was perfect. The outdoors, indoors. A few more items picked up and that’s it, we’re done! So what did this have to do with Cloud Computing? Well on the way out and staring at food area we came across something I’ve never heard of before…A tinned drink that was next to the Cider type drinks they have. This one said Apple Cider with Cloudberry! Cloud….berry? Hmmm. Think we need to try this. The Cloud berry drinks are now in the fridge waiting to be tried on Friday at 6pm.

We’ll keep you posted!

P.S Anyone want to give us a hand putting the wooden frame up??

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