Hosted Lync and Gordon Gekko – Buy Buy, Sell Sell!!!

Hosted Lync and Gordon Gekko – Buy buy, sell sell!!

As we deployed the last few users of Hosted Lync in Singapore for one of the world’s leading integrated producers and marketers of commodities, the thought crossed our minds of what could have been. A few of us in the office were brought up on Gordon Gekko and his famous quotes, suits, red braces, oversized telephones, slick back hair and power. The truth is, back then, he was something of an idol. Someone who we wanted to be like….until we discovered all about his insider trading and then how he would even sell his daughter to make money! The point is that can you imagine how much richer Gekko would have been if he used a Hosted Lync solution from Green Cloud Hosting. He could use it on the big mobile phones he had, He could use it in his black limo, he could be using it sat in the best restaurant New York had to offer and lets not forget he could use it sat on the beach at his Hamptons retreat! You see, with a Hosted Lync solution from Green Cloud Hosting you can be anywhere and access presence, instant messaging, voice, video and Web conferencing in a single interface not to mention communicate from within the applications you use every day, including Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint.

All them reams of green print paper could now be viewed with all his pals including Bud Fox at the same time using the document sharing function no matter if they were all in separate locations!

Hosted Lync is a fantastic tool to enable staff to communicate more effectively…The quote below just shows you why…


Fox, where the hell are you? I am losing MILLIONS! You got me into this airline and you sure as hell better get me out or the only job you’ll ever have on the Street is SWEEPING IT! You hear me, Fox?

If he had simply checked Bud Fox’s “presence” status on Lync he would have seen that Bud was out with one of his lady friends at a restaurant with his phone turned off.

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