How to Future-Proof Your Law Firm’s IT Set Up

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Have you ever wondered if your IT setup is standing in the way of your company’s long-term goals? It could well be.

Outdated technology is leaving thousands of UK law firms trailing behind their more forward-thinking competitors. If you want to ensure your law firm’s long-term success, it’s critical to future-proof your approach to technology.
Unsure where to start? We’ve compiled four top tips to help you get started.

1: Ensure new software is intuitive for new users

Before adding new software to your current IT setup, stop to consider how you will train new team members to use it. Will you need to send staff on costly training days or does the service provider offer free online training sessions? Where possible, choose software that’s intuitive and user friendly.

2: Take scalability into account

Your law firm is set for big things. Why inhibit growth by investing in inflexible technology? When searching for a new software or service, take its scalability into account. Can it grow with your business, or will you need to start all over again with a new service if your company outgrows it?

3: Carry out regular updates and software maintenance

Failure to take care of your IT setup can quickly lead to problems. Keep your business safe and minimise the chance of data breeches or equipment failures by carrying out regular software updates and maintenance.

4: Give staff access to data from anywhere in the world

Thanks to innovative technologies like Cloud computing, the way the world does business is changing. Long gone are the days of the strictly office-based 9-5. Instead, an increasing number of businesses are attracting the best staff by offering more flexible working hours and introducing remote working.

Find the best Cloud-based software and services

As a business owner, you should never stop the search for ways to improve your company. However, with so many Cloud-based services available, it’s difficult to know which will work for you, and which should be avoided. Thankfully, the most established providers, like Green Cloud Hosting, offer new clients a free trial of their services. When possible, take advantage of free software trials to ensure you stay up to date with what’s new.

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