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Hosted Desktop

The Benefits Of A Hosted Desktop

There’s a lot of hype nowadays about hosted desktop, particularly in the business world, but if you’re not IT literate then it can be difficult to figure out just what’s in it for you. To help you decide if you can benefit from this we’ve put together this quick tour of just what a hosted desktop can do for you.


Flexibility is a key feature of any workforce nowadays, particularly with the rise of remote working. With hosted desktop solutions you can work from anywhere at any time, logging on to find all your files and applications ready to be worked on. There’s also flexibility for the organisation as well, as it is much easier to scale your IT operations up and down when the staffing level increases or decreases.


Security is something that can be a real headache for companies, both when it comes to people attempting to access your data and the possibility of data loss through accident or failure. Hosted desktop services will have a number of secure servers where your data can be stored, meaning that any failure can be immediately made up for by an alternative server, and there will always be a virus and A firewall option should you need it.

Cost Effective

When a hosted desktop service takes over, although they will be charging a monthly fee it means you no longer need to have physical servers and the IT staff to maintain them. This can significantly reduce your IT expenditure. In addition, you will also be using less power so you should find that your electricity bill puts a smile on your face as well.

So there you have it, a quick breakdown of the sort of benefits any business can enjoy when it comes to a hosted desktop.

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