Hosted Desktops – A Perfect Solution for Accountants

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Looking for a way to improve the operations of your accountancy business and facilitate future growth? A hosted desktop will prove to be the perfect solution. Hosted desktops look just like traditional desktops, however they are stored on a third party company’s data centre and delivered via the internet. The fact they are ‘virtualised’ means that individuals can access their data, files, emails and applications from anywhere in the world, at any time, using any device.

Here we will explain some of the benefits of hosted desktops for Accountants and why they provide the perfect solution.

Work remotely or on the go
Using a hosted desktop solution will allow accountants to increase productivity by working remotely or on the go. This virtualised solution enables users to access their emails, files and applications from any location, using any device, providing they have a connection to the internet. This means that accountants can work from their office, their home, on a train or even at their clients’ workplaces and still have access to all of the information they need.
The fact that accountants can work from anywhere using a hosted desktop solutions means that they do not technically need to run a traditional office. Being able to work from home will save them significant costs in terms of office rent and overheads, as well as things like travel expenses.

Reducing the cost of accounting software
One of the ways hosted desktop solutions can benefit accountants is by reducing the cost of the accounting software and applications they use. Instead of having to buy separate licenses and pay for expensive upgrades in order to remain competitive, accountants can simply pay a monthly fee to their hosted desktop provider and have their software and applications delivered as a service. Just like their desktop, emails and files, their accounting software will be delivered via the internet and can be accessed from any device, providing they know their username and password.

Improve security of data
Accountants are responsible for keeping their clients’ financial data safe and secure. One of the benefits of using a hosted desktop solution is that their clients’ financial data will be kept on secure servers that are monitored and maintained by experienced IT staff. This means that if an accountant’s IT equipment was destroyed in a workplace disaster; they would still be able to access and recover their clients’ data from an alternative location. They could also continue operating and would not have to worry about a loss of profits.

Reputable hosted desktop providers (like Green Cloud Hosting) will also make backup copies of their clients’ data. This means that if something happens to one of their data centres, they will still have copies of the data stored securely on their other servers.

Flexible and scalable solution
Although many accountants start off working by themselves, many end up growing their businesses and either employing staff or outsourcing work to virtual accountants. The great thing about virtual desktops is that they are completely flexible and scalable. They can be scaled up or down and accountants also have the benefit of being able to cancel or upgrade the services they use whenever they want to.

Enterprise IT support
A final benefit of using a hosted desktop solution is that it allows accountants to benefit from enterprise IT support at an affordable cost. Implementing a hosted desktop solution means that accountants will not have to pay to hire their own IT staff in-house. Instead they can simply call on their hosted desktop provider for help when they need it and benefit from 24/7 monitoring.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder that more and more accountants are ditching their traditional desktops in favour of hosted desktop solutions. For more information about how your accountancy business can benefit from a hosted desktop provider’s help, get in touch with Green Cloud Hosting today.

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