Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice

Just wanted to drop a cute little post in to explain a little bit about our most asked about service.

Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice

Essentially if you are already using Hosted Lync then you know all about the cool stuff it can do. Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice enables you to take it to the next level by enabling carrier grade voice communication out of your business through the Lync client on your desktop. Amazing stuff isn’t it? Well this is technology for you!!

For people new to Lync…..

Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice gives you a phone system to make and receive calls without the “phone system” hardware. for a small monthly fee starting at £3.99 per month. Its a piece of software from Microsoft that sits on your desktop and has a dialpad. From this software you can also video call, deliver online meetings, Instant Message, Screen share plus much more.

If you think about how amazing this is. Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice can essentially replace your telephone system and save you money.

Oh don’t go on about how the Cloud will save me money. Everyman and his dog tells us this.!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK OK…Its not all about money I hear what you say!!

This is true and Hosted Lync Enterprise voice is more than just a money saver. In fact as far as we are concerned its more about the impact it can have on your business and employees. At the core it provides flexible working for staff. As long as they have a device connected to the internet then they can use Lync for Voice, IM, Video Conferencing, Meetings and much much more.

Plus it creates effective, richer and quicker forms of communication. Why type an email to ask a question when you have IM or even video calling?

Hosted Lync Enterprise Voice is the next step in communication. Why not give us a call for a free trial to get a real feel for it.

Get in touch with a Hosted Hero on 0800 019 3878 or email

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