How Can Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace Benefit IT Companies?

Microsoft’s modern workplace solutions use innovative cloud-based Microsoft-365 tools and services to give businesses a more integrated and agile system, helping boost their growth.

This has led to IT companies modernising to make sure they’re embracing the latest technology. These include moving to the cloud for company data and tools, embracing the modern SharePoint, and connecting modern team sites to Microsoft 365 groups and teams. When a company commits to these solutions, their processes become streamlined and as a result, there is an improvement in communication, helping employees connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. 


What exactly is a Microsoft Modern Workplace?

When COVID-19 forced everyone to stay home, we saw a huge increase in remote working culture. These days, many offices have given flexibility to their employees, and the ability to work from any part of the world. But this has also made connection and collaboration a bit of a challenge. This is why workplaces need to modernise using the latest tools, allowing them to streamline the creation process between employees, wherever they may be. Modern workplace office 365 helps offices keep their employees engaged no matter where they are located. Workplaces which are powered by Microsoft tools thrive in the hybrid work environment and have seen an increase in productivity. 


Enhances the employee experience in a hybrid setting

The Microsoft 365 modern workplace has new platforms, tools and apps, all of which are crafted to nurture the well-being of remote employees. It makes connecting, learning and creating much easier for the employees who cannot be physically present in the office. Microsoft has upped its game and is now introducing new and improved apps and platforms where the sole purpose is to create a virtual company culture and allow employees the flexibility to not only work according to their schedule, but also to coordinate with other teammates. 


Automates the time-consuming tasks

One of the biggest benefits of the Microsoft 365 modern workplace is that it helps in boosting the efficiency of the workplace by enabling users to develop, build, analyse and automate business processes. 


Impenetrable security

Microsoft has rolled out full-stack security models allowing only authorised users to access the workplace. Features like Microsoft defender, end-device protection and multi-factor authorisation have put many business owners’ minds at ease. 


Promotes effective collaboration

By now, you know what the core of modern workplace office 365 is all about. It majorly enhances employee productivity while enabling seamless collaboration and communication between employees across various locations and platforms.

These features of Microsoft’s modern workplace help users to collaborate effectively and is the main reason why so many companies are making the switch. 


The Bottom Line

The rise of a hybrid working environment has forced companies to think outside the box to accommodate this dynamic new work culture. Microsoft’s modern work culture is all about that. It helps people operating in totally different areas connect effectively – thus increasing productivity. 

Are you thinking of making the big switch but don’t know the nitty-gritty of the process? Leave those worries to us.

Get in touch with us to talk to an expert, we’ll talk you through the process and help find the perfect solution for you!

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