Our Top 8 Must-Have Gadgets for Accountants


Gadgets and apps make life a bit easier and sometimes a bit more fun, no matter what your profession, and accounting is no different!

The fast-paced, innovative nature of accounting makes it perfect for all kinds of gadgets and apps. Read on as we take you through 8 of the very best gadgets for accountants to make your work easier and more productive.



Time management is top of the list when you’ve got multiple clients’ accounts to look after. Not least because you need to invoice them correctly. Enter TimeFlip, a 12-sided gadget (or ‘dodecahedron’ to be precise) built for keeping track of how much time you spend.

Each side of the object is labelled with a different task, which can be customised to suit your day-to-day tasks. Simply flip your gadget to a different side, and the motion sensor starts timing for whichever task is facing upwards. Unlike on-screen trackers, it doesn’t provide a constant distraction or slow down your computer.

The device is linked to an app, which displays a full breakdown of the time spent on different tasks. It’s ideal when it comes to budgeting, time management and even staff management – if you want to see how much time your employees are spending on different tasks.


Scanner App

Whether it’s receipts, invoices or just documents that you want to store digitally, scanning is an unavoidable bit of admin for any accountant. So much so, it would be ideal to have a scanner with you at all times. The problem? Modern accountants aren’t confined to their office – and you can’t realistically expect scanning facilities at the local coffee shop or on the train, and carrying your own scanner around may get a bit bulky!

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution – apps which enable you to scan your documents via your phone!

There are plenty of choices out there, but the most famous one is probably Adobe Scan. It runs on Android or IOS and uses your camera to catch a copy of a document to convert into a PDF file. There is a preview option to optimise the dimensions of your file, and you can rotate, crop, and edit the colour as required.


The big advantage of using Adobe Scan is its integration with Adobe’s other apps, such as Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Fill & Sign. This means you can not only scan into PDF document format, but also edit, annotate and sign documents that you do scan – enabling you to work collaboratively on any document!

Adobe Scan is a free app to download and use, though there is an in-app subscription available if you want additional features.


And a shredder…

As an accountant, you’ll no doubt deal with all kinds of confidential documents on a daily basis. Once they’re recorded, they need to be disposed of properly to avoid any important details getting in the wrong hands. Shredding is the ideal solution, but you don’t always have a paper shredder to hand.

Solve this issue with a handheld paper shredder – one of our favourite gadgets for accountants! Shred paper into 5mm-wide strips to completely protect privacy. The shredder can be carried in your bag or briefcase wherever you go. It’s even powered with batteries or a USB cable, so you have no need to worry about finding a plug socket.


Screen filters

Another important consideration when it comes to confidential information is your screen itself. It’s almost impossible to complete your work without having client details on screen at some point.

You don’t want strangers to see these details, as they could easily get into the wrong hands. But at the same time, you can’t just avoid working whenever there are other people around. That’s a lot of wasted time on trains and planes or in public cafes.

Screen filters protect your screen ‘visual hacking’. Once applied, the innovative 3M layer makes it impossible for people to see what’s on your screen unless they’re looking straight at it. So, there’s no chance of a sideways glance. Anyone who wants to see your screen would have to be pretty close to you, meaning you can spot any suspicious behaviour and shut your laptop.


Portable charger for gadgets

We depend on so many devices to do our work, so a portable charger can be a life-saver when you’re working on the go.

Whether it’s your phone, your laptop, or one of the gadgets on this list, a portable charger allows you to keep working for longer when you’re travelling or out of office. So set your mind at ease with this essential gadget.


Numeric keypad

Laptops are great for working on the go. But the smaller keyboard can be frustrating, especially when you’re keying in numbers. Fortunately, you don’t have to make costly errors or change your laptop. A Bluetooth number pad gives you the full-size functionality you need at a tiny cost.

The pad is small enough to sit on your desk, on a coffee table or even the arm of a sofa. Its ergonomic design includes all the keys you need, including tab, backspace and enter alongside all the numbers for quick and easy data entry. Simply connect to your laptop and off you go.


Stand up desk

Want to increase productivity and improve your health? A standing desk could do both. We’re constantly seeing more health warnings about sitting down all day. Naturally, standing desks eliminate that issue. But studies show that they could also boost productivity.

Of course, not everyone wants to stand up all the time. That’s where one of the best gadgets for accountants comes in… the standing desk converter allows you to switch between heights for sitting and standing at the touch of a button. It sits on top of your desk without the need to permanently mount or attach anything.

And if a standing desk isn’t enough, there are also some Treadmill desk options out there!


And a hosted desktop…

Want to really elevate your workstation? A hosted desktop is the ultimate solution. While it’s not strictly a ‘gadget’, it will empower your accounting business with better flexibility, security and reliability.

All your data and applications will be stored on secure external servers, so you can access your desktop on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection. Best of all, it’s completely scalable. You only pay for what you use, which can be changed according to your needs – perfect for even the most economical accountant.


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