What Does Scalability Mean in Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing has many advantages, and one of the most powerful is scalability. But what exactly does scalability mean? And how does it apply to cloud computing?

You may have heard people asking the question, “Is it scalable?” Simply put, if a cloud computing system (i.e. networks, storage, servers, applications and services) can rapidly respond to meet new demands – either in size or volume – it is scalable.

Traditionally, businesses were tied to physical constraints, such as hard-drive space and memory, all of which impeded scalability. With cloud computing, these constrains are replaced by an infrastructure that can scale up or down (typically up) and adapt in harmony with a business’s needs.

Scalability is a valuable tool for organisations of all types and sizes. For many businesses, the future is – for the most part – predictable. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a bump or two in the road along the way. While you may be able to foresee a Christmas rush for an ecommerce store, it’s a little trickier to predict the closure of your number one competitor and – crucially – take advantage of the situation. With cloud computing, it’s easier to react faster to these events, without the costs traditionally associated with IT system upgrades.

For example…

Let’s assume you have enough cloud storage for 10 employees. If you needed to double your team (maybe you’ve landed a new juicy contract), would the current system be able to handle 100 users? Could the change be implemented quickly, without fuss? And would the performances maintain the same level? If you’d expect the same performance (or even better), you’re ready to capitalise on a sudden growth in demand.

What are the benefits of scalability in cloud computing?

Utilising the ability to scale cloud computing systems is a no brainer, and this is why:


The most important reason why any business should invest in scalable cloud computing is due to the flexibility. Companies can react faster to changing needs, ensuring they are operating to the levels needed to fully take advantage of any situation.

This rapid level of elasticity works both ways too, so they can quickly snap back to their original sizes if the necessity for growth has reversed.


Traditionally, growing a business comes at a cost. For example, the pre-existing IT systems might need to be totally overhauled. Software upgrades can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, with a scalable system in place, you can say goodbye to expensive upgrades. The beauty of scalable cloud computing is that the capacity to grow and expand is already in place. You won’t have to overhaul your IT systems time and time again.


Never pay for capacity you don’t need. Scalable cloud computing systems adapt to suit your exact requirements, so you don’t have to worry about paying over the odds for additional capacity that is simply going to waste.


The ability to scale resources is obviously helpful, especially when it comes to the financial implications. Both big and small businesses can save money by sharing a pool of resourcing, reducing infrastructure costs and economies in scale.


In business, it pays to be agile. Scalable cloud computing is by its very nature flexible and elastic. It can adapt to suit your needs perfectly. And while it can adjust to a rescaled situation, it should also be able to fully take advantage of it. For example, moving to a larger operating system can improve user response time. This is why most systems scale upwards better – moving to a smaller environment might reduce the overall performance.


Many cloud computing systems supply an on-demand self-service, so you can make changes as and when they are needed. Desperately need extra processing power to cope with a Christmas Day rush on your ecommerce store? No problem. You don’t have to wait for somebody to help if you can make the change yourself.

Measured Service

With many cloud computing solutions, you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. It’s easy to monitor provisions of services, helping you predict costs and resource requirements.

Plan for scale now!

If your business hasn’t formulated a scaling strategy, what are you waiting for? Wait too long, and you might find your business comes unstuck in the future. Act today, and you can take advantages of the many benefits we’ve already discussed, such as increased flexibility, boosted performance, and lower costs.

While scalability might seem more important for large growing corporations, small businesses mustn’t be overlooked too. If your small business is launching a new product soon, can you meet spikes in demand? And if your business is tied to a season model, can it expand and contract to match the ebb and flow?

Failure to respond quickly can result in loss of earnings and – even worse – a complete stop while upgrades are underway. Fully utilising cloud computing’s ability to scale accordingly – or at least being ready to do so when the time comes – is more than just a nice bonus. It’s fundamental if you want to grow your business, whilst keeping infrastructure and management costs to a minimum.

Where can I find scalable cloud hosting solutions?

If you’re searching for scalable cloud hosting solutions, look no further. At Green Cloud Hosting, our approach to tailored cloud hosting is what sets us apart from the competition. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke Hosted Desktop, Hosted Exchange and Online Backup solutions, we provide our customers with cutting-edge, scalable hosting solutions at a price that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a well-established company, we can tailor a bespoke package to suit your needs perfectly. Say no to expensive software upgrades. Say hello to a whole new world of possibilities with pay as you grow cloud hosting.

With Green Cloud, you can add or remove users freely and pay only for what you need. You can even increase server capacity on demand. In business, things change quickly. You need to be sure that the software you rely on day in, day out, can adapt quickly to meet new demands. If you’re planning on growing your business in 2017, it’s crucial that you invest in scalable technology that’s capable of growing with you. Otherwise, you’ll may find yourself faced with large bills for upgrades and enhancements further down the line.

For more information about any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Call today on 0161 979 0691 or email info@greencloudhosting.co.uk. We look forward to helping your business discover the incredible benefits of cloud technology.

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