5 Signs Your Business Needs Managed Cloud Hosting

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Whether you’re upgrading from traditional computing methods to the cloud or are already involved in a private hosting capacity, migrating to a managed service could be hugely beneficial. However, there are still many business owners and managers who are sceptical or unsure about making the switch. Sound familiar?

Here are a few tell-tale signs that it could be time to take the plunge with managed Cloud Hosting.

1)  An overwhelmed (or non-existent) IT support department

Hiring an in-house IT team can be one expense too far for a small business, while businesses which already have one can still find their workload becomes too much, especially if they’re looking to grow and develop. If your workforce is routinely finding itself either unequipped or understaffed to meet the technical side of IT, it might be time to outsource the task to someone who can manage things more efficiently.

2)  Resources being wasted on idle servers

One of the conundrums of launching a new online business is gauging just how much database storage space and computing capacity you’re going to need. This often means that people overestimate the amount of traffic they are going to experience (at least initially) and figure that it’s better to have too much than too little. Unfortunately, this can often result in money being wasted as servers lie idle.

3)  Recurrent user downtime

The flipside of the above conundrum is underestimating your business’s online needs. Circumspect or underfunded enterprises may decide to err on the side of caution and spend on only the amount of hardware they think they’ll use. But when business is booming, that can lead to glitches and downtime on the user end, resulting in a terrible user experience. Even just one instance of this kind of occurrence can do untold damage to your brand.

4)  Security breaches

Given that an increasing number of transactions are now taking place online, it’s understandable that cyber-crime is on the rise as well. If your online defences aren’t up to scratch and you find them being repeatedly breached, you’ll need to upgrade them as soon as possible. Even enterprise-level businesses can’t always afford the time and expense involved in beefing up cyber-security, but a fully managed cloud hosting service can take care of that problem for you.

5)  Expansion seems logical but…

… the risks are holding you back. Many people are wary of taking a leap of faith by expanding their business in case the expected custom doesn’t materialise. With a managed cloud hosting service, you can access the computing services you need on-demand, meaning you’ll only pay for what you use, and you can achieve full scalability according to your business’s fluctuating needs. As such, it’s the perfect way to enter new markets or launch new products without running the risk of failure.

Talk to a cloud hosting expert

If you’re considering a migrating to a managed service, Green Cloud Hosting can provide the perfect solution. We work with large businesses to identify your key requirements and create tailored cloud hosting servers that meet all of them. Our team takes care of everything and your company benefits from scalability, cost-efficiency and impressive resilience.

Call us today to talk to a cloud hosting expert about your requirements.

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