Why Do Startups Grow Faster In The Cloud?

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Why do Startups Grow Faster in the Cloud?
The self-built enterprise movement is sweeping the nation, with small businesses now hailed as the heart and soul of the British economy. Government run national enterprise campaign StartUp Britain is fueling the entrepreneurial flames, reporting that in 2016 the UK has already welcomed over 80,000 new businesses to the SME scene.

Whatever the sector, owners are targeting rapid growth and ROI. With the cloud, this goal can be elevated to the sky. As far as growth is concerned, the cloud is akin to a digital fertiliser – it helps new buds undergo big time growth. Best of all, growth is quicker for startups that adopt the cloud than for those that don’t. And here’s why…

  1. Level the field

One of the biggest challenges when launching a startup is taking on the big guns. Whether it’s a local organic grocer facing up against Tesco, a boutique going head-to-head with Primark or an independent real estate agent competing with Savills, competition is always fierce. With the cloud, small startups can tap into the same blue chip resources as their larger counterparts.

  1. Infinite scope

Conventionally, launching a new venture called for careful research into anticipated growth. This was then used as a barometer to calculate investment needs. Today, the cloud hands startups the key to infinite scope. Flexible and scalable, the cloud flows with the growth and seasonality of any business. This includes subscriptions, website capabilities, payment systems and more. When business spikes, the cloud is ready.

  1. ‘Fail fast’

When we talk about scope, we’re not just referring to growth. In the same way that the cloud supports success, it also moderates failures. With the cloud, small business owners can try, test, experiment and stretch with the peace of mind that if ventures don’t go to plan, they can simply readjust their cloud strategy. It’s a ‘fail fast’ startup outlook, at its finest.

  1. Watertight startup security

The cloud is a consummate way to keep information clandestine. Backing up small business data within the cloud is the digital equivalent of fortifying papers in Fort Knox, minus the risk of fire, theft and deterioration. Cloud service providers actively monitor for bugs, break-ins and breaches, which gives startups more security than they could ever create for themselves.

  1. Streamline operations

Taking a startup to the cloud triggers a thunderstorm of benefits. Company operations are the first to advance, with a myriad of plug-and-play solutions for payroll, accounting, performance management and more. E-mail and sales software applications can also be taken skywards, allowing entrepreneurs to kick-start their businesses with limited capital.

Can we help your business grow faster?
More than just a buzz word, the cloud has categorically changed the game for startups. Want to know more about how the cloud can help your small business take the big wheels by surprise? Give the team at Green Cloud a call today on 0161-979-0691 or e-mail info@greencloudhosting.co.uk to chat about our tailor made hosted solutions for desktop, Microsoft Exchange e-mail and online backup applications.

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