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Green Cloud offers specialised, fully managed Windows server solutions built on remotely hosted desktop services from our own secured UK data centres. The most up-to-date method of accessing the cloud to run all of your Windows desktop programmes is through hosted remote desktops, or hosted desktops for short. You can interact and share with coworkers using a hosted desktop, regardless of where you are in the world or what device they are using.

Catering to both major corporations and SMEs, you get more with Green Cloud Hosting than just a hosted desktop. Once you’re on board, you’ll discover that our support team is friendly, helpful, and tenacious. We assist in designing the ideal solution and making your move to the platform simple and easy.

The Benefits of a Hosted Desktop


The ability for employees to access their computers remotely, often using a variety of devices, is one of the main advantages of hosted desktop services. Without being tied to the office desk, you can access emails, files, and other essential information.


Businesses can cut costs on expenses like internal servers and, in many cases, other pricey IT infrastructure by making use of hosted desktop services. The expense is more evenly distributed when desktops are hosted on the cloud.


Hosted desktops and cloud computing, in turn, enable improved scalability. This gives companies more flexibility to develop in a way that works for them. The configuration of hosted desktops can be easily changed to accommodate a business’ expanding and shifting needs.


Remote desktops are useful and boost productivity thanks to easy access and flexibility of configuration. There are no delays, downtime, or times when your company has to go dark – you’re online and can operate whenever and wherever you need to.

IT support

You won’t have to worry about software upgrades, updating old gear, or handling regular IT difficulties anymore since we will become your outsourced IT department to handle these matters on your behalf.

Security and reliability

We employ the same industry-standard SSL encryption as online banking and safe payments, and keep all data in secure data centres.

An Application Server and Active Directory Server are included as standard in our fully managed remote hosted desktop services. Our customisable plan can create a bespoke configuration for you with options for SQL Servers, extra storage, or more application servers.

We specialise in assisting clients that need cutting-edge, personalised hosted servers and hosted desktop solutions for both custom and commercial desktop applications. Scalability and a cost-effective IT solution are provided by the ability to add new users with just 24 hours’ notice.

Additionally, we provide thin client hardware, which will be sent to you pre-configured for simple plug-and-play functioning. We can also provide you with customisable choices for a setup that is more specifically catered to your office’s needs.

Grow and take your business further with Green Cloud Hosting Cloud Desktop and Hosted Cloud Desktop Services. Visit our website to find our more about our hosted desktop services!

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