Hands Up If You Hate Facebook Live

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It has been 18 months since Facebook Live was first launched (on a strictly limited basis) to celebrities with a verified page.

Since then, we’ve witnessed Ricky Gervais live from a bathtub – bubbles and all –  comedian Kevin hart live with Ice Cube, and the freshest celebrity gossip spew forth from the mouth of showbiz ‘reporter’ Perez Hilton.

It didn’t take long for the live streaming feature to be rolled out across all accounts. Now that Facebook Live is available to us mere mortals, we’re noticing that more and more people are getting creative and hitting the ‘Go Live’ button. And we wish they wouldn’t.

Please stop.

What’s all the fuss about?

We get it, live-streaming is a great tool. Users can log in and start broadcasting to followers or friends at the mere touch of a button. For businesses and brands, it’s an incredible way of actively engaging with followers in real time. With 1.71 billion users, the Facebook platform has considerable potential and reach. If you can capture the attention of just a fraction of this audience (and keep it) your business could enjoy rapid growth because of the brand exposure.

However, it’s exactly this ease of access and spontaneity that’s making us dread visiting our timeline. Honestly, we can wait until you get home to watch an edited version of your first scuba dive – we don’t need a 2-hour live stream! So, please, if you’re going to bombard your followers or friends with your Facebook Live broadcasts, please keep these tips in mind:

Think about quality: Nobody wants to sit through an hour-long video of you ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ your way through your broadcast. Know what you want to say before you go live and save your viewers from agonising frustration.

Promote your broadcast: Rather than record four 20-minute broadcasts throughout the day in an attempt to get viewers, alert your clients and followers that you’ll be going live first. Make an announcement on your social media channels ahead of time and save yourself (and your viewers) the frustration of putting in a load of effort and having zero views.

Stay connected: Is your internet connection strong enough? If it isn’t, try to find a place with reliable Wi-Fi and broadcast from there. On again, off again streaming is incredibly irritating, especially if you make a habit of it.

Be yourself: Don’t try to fake a personality for your broadcasts. Just be yourself and you’ll find the viewers who truly love your passion and what you’re doing.

Who should see this: Facebook gives you the option to choose who should see your updates. Why not try streaming live videos to people who would actually be interested? If you’re going to live stream the birth of your firstborn, pick your audience carefully.

How can I turn off notifications for someone going live?

If you’re irritated with the number of alert posts popping up on your timeline, here’s how to disable Facebook Live notifications. You’re welcome.

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