How Hosted Desktop Services Can Benefit Your Business

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Hosted desktop services are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses, and could save you money every month by reducing IT maintenance costs and energy bills. Many companies offer this service, and will offer support 24 hours a day via a team of experienced and trained support technicians. Here are some of the services offered by hosted desktop providers.

  • A hosted desktop is similar to your regular PC desktop, although any applications, user profiles and data that you have will be stored in a secure data centre. This has a number of benefits if you run a business, and will enable you to keep your data and files safe and secure without compromising the functionality that you would expect from your regular PC desktop.
  • Remember – many hosted desktop solutions will offer you a wide range of services, but not all of these will necessarily be available in the same package. You will need to choose the best package for your business, so always do your research before you commit to a service. Use a price comparison website to find the best companies that offer this service, and compare them based on the prices quoted to you.
  • Companies will often charge you a monthly fee to use their services, although there might be additional costs for services such as spam protection and a firewall. Other companies might charge you extra for access to a private cloud, where you will be able to store your documents and files safely and securely.

Many hosted desktop services will allow you to log into your virtual desktop from any device including your laptop or PC, as well as your smartphone or mobile tablet. This will give you greater flexibility when running a small business, and allow you to access your files and documents from a location that best suits you.

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