What Are Hosted Desktop Solutions?

[In simple words, hosted desktop solutions are sets of professional products hosted in cloud computing environment. Data processing takes place in datacentres run by hosted desktop providers. Remote desktop services usually involve browser-based connections to the virtual desktop environment. Read on to find out more about this set-up.
The desktop itself is run, hosted and supported from one central locatioan, which is, in most cases, a secure datacentre (security is a principal concern when it comes to hosted desktop services). A “cloud desktop” is actually a wider term which can refer to a collection of virtual objects such as hardware, software and all of their configurations.
Remote desktop services work pretty much like a regular virtual machine which is hosted on a server but is, in fact, implemented as an instance on a real, physical desktop. Remote desktop services are great for creating backup and recovery solutions. They can install a backup application on a physical desktop which continually backs the content up to the cloud server.
This is made possible thanks to the advanced cloud infrastructure. If there is a problem or data loss occurs, the information can be easily recovered from a hosted desktop and transferred to a new location. Similarly to virtual machines, hosted desktops are managed centrally by a virtual machine manager or by virtualisation. This allows for the needed memory, computing and storage allocation.
In other words, a hosted desktop is a virtual machine, which can host all applications, the OS, data and all necessary configurations of a physical desktop. Hosted desktop solutions provide the same functionality and abilities as physical desktops and are accessed on the client’s end though a browser. For the client, they are very easy to use and support is always provided.

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